About Us


Jordan Walls, a 19 year old company,

is one of the largest Outdoor Media

companies located in Jordan which is widely

stretched from the Capital Amman

to other major cities in Jordan around the compass;

it being Zarqa, Irbid, Jerash or even Madaba.

With over 100 billboards under our umbrella;

that are broadly distributed around prime locations

ensuring to cover major streets

and high traffic zones that target

to reach the uppermost level of audience and create

the highest visibility for

any intended marketing campaign.



Jordan Walls is well thought-out

and known to be an advertising partner of choice,

as it reaches thousands of commuters

on daily basis in its heart Amman.

The scope and depth of our presence is based

on a vision to provide advertisers the ability

to engage with both mass and targeted audiences

at many prime, major and touch points

around the clock that have all been

chosen carefully.